Malta Holiday Apartment Rentals

In my most recent post, I mentioned a hotel I am aware of in Malta. One of the few people I have shown this blog to so far pointed out, quite rightly, that many people visit Malta and stay in … read more

Staying In Malta

In my last post I wrote about my recent day sailing. The experience, plus the long discussion I had with the English couple that were in Malta to get married (here) has made me think much more about tourism in … read more

The Destination Wedding Planner

Yesterday while out for a walk in the evening at sunset, I found myself chatting to a couple. They are in Malta to get married at the weekend. From the UK, this is known as a destination wedding. Basically, the … read more

Bring Me A Billionaire

In my last post (here) I explained a little about registering aircraft and how much I enjoy that kind of work. Similar – if you can imagine a wealthy person instead of an aircraft! – is the new IIP system, … read more

A Little About Me

I thought that writing a little about me might be helpful at the start of this blog. I trained as a lawyer and am based in Malta, a small EU country in the central Mediterranean Sea. While I don’t have … read more

Summer in Malta

Yesterday I was very fortunate to be invited to attend a birthday party BBQ at a friend’s home. The friend owns a pool 😉 The scene of the action… read more

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to my new blog. I found this domain, formerly a band, that was named after something said by Hunter S. Thompson and just knew that it was the name for me! I’ll be writing about lots of things that … read more